Lasting Powers of Attorney

Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPA)

What does it mean and why do you need them?

Ted Yeates is a later life planning expert who offers free advice on Lasting Powers of Attorney.  Below we highlight the benefits of an LPA, why all adults should have them and what steps to take to implement them.

Sometimes, it might be necessary for somebody to make legal decisions on your behalf as a result of a loss in mental capacity.

We are often mistaken in thinking that mental capacity is only lost through old age or illness such as Alzheimer’s or Dementia.  However, it can also occur as a result of an accident or injury, especially for younger people.

If you lose mental capacity and have not nominated attorneys to act on your behalf, then your relatives will have to apply to the Court of Protection to nominate a Deputy to act for you.  Your family members or loved ones may find this stressful, time consuming and expensive.

A Lasting Power of Attorney is a legal document which allows you to retain control of your wishes.  You can choose another person or people to make decisions on your behalf should your mental capacity be taken away. You are referred to as the 'donor' and the person taking on the task of managing the donor's affairs is called the 'attorney'.  An attorney must act in your best interests and make decisions as if they were you.

If you want to learn more about the duties of a LPA?

Visit the Gov.UK site here.

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The challenge

"I don't understand LPAs or how to go about writing one"

LPA documents can be very complicated and lengthy to write.

Furthermore, there are two types to consider:

  • health and welfare
  • property and financial affairs

You can choose to make one type or both.

The solution

Appoint Your Money Friend for some free advice on Lasting Powers of Attorney

Your Money Friend will take you through the process personally and will appoint a trained estate planning professional* to draw up the documents for you. Our partners will charge a fraction of the cost you might be expected to pay a Solicitor.

On completion, we will ensure they are signed, witnessed and registered with the Office of Public Guardian.

*This does not have to be done by a solicitor.


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